Monitorovací technika

Předpokladem řešení situace je její znalost. Musíme vidět a vědět. IBOS monitorovací technika je vašima očima. Ukáže, kde je problém, umožní určit polohu přípojky, prozradí druh poškození či deformaci potrubí a pořídí záznam sanovaného úseku.

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Camera technology

Knowledge of the situation is a prerequisite for solving the situation. We must see and know. IBOS monitoring technology is your eyes. It will show where the problem is, allow you to determine the location of the connection, reveal the type of damage or deformation of the pipe and take a record of the repaired section.

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Cleaning technology

Clogged pipes? No problem for our machines.
Such a simple philosophy guides the development of IBOS suction and high-pressure technology. We can do everything from built-in equipment into the vans to sophisticated combined recycling superstructure, which is installed on the chassis of large trucks. We have a solution for every situation. We are IBOS.

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Even small tankers are needed

Just as we can handle large tankers and semi-trailers, we can accommodate our customers' request for a small and manoeuvrable vehicle.


IBOS SACO superstructure on DAF 8x4 chassis

Here's  information about the vehicle with IBOS Saco superstructure that has just been delivered on the DAF 8x4 chassis.


IBOS roadshow 2024 is history

IBOS Roadshow 2024 is history and we would like to thank all our partners and clients who took the time to meet us.


Such a stark definition. We are IBOS and since 1999 we have been producing technology that takes care of the functionality of this network. For it to be passable where we want, to seal where it should, to function exactly according to the wishes of the clients. Our products monitor its condition, clean it, manage it, take care of its good condition. They do work that is not visible on the surface, but nevertheless contributes in a fundamental way to the comfort of everyday life for all of us.

A sewer network is a system of pipe distributions and other devices used to drain wastewater from individual properties and from public spaces to the municipal wastewater treatment plant, or directly to the recipient. The construction of the first sewage networks prevented the spread of infectious diseases, such as plague and typhus, which occurred in cities precisely because of the accumulation of sewage and garbage in the streets.

source: Wikipedia


Traditional resources and modern technologies help us to perform the work. A team of talented and motivated people who know that only the constant search for new ways and solutions while applying modern technologies will keep us among the best. We hold the ISO 9001 quality certificate. Innovation, development and customer focus are the priorities of IBOS a.s., which significantly determine the portfolio of products and services offered while providing comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service.



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