Cleaning technology

High pressure technology

IBOS manufactures and offers a whole range of high-pressure cleaning machines whose parameters meet every requirement. From the smallest IBOS Minijet with the dimensions of a europallet, through Unijet and Hydrojet, to the most powerful machine in the entire product range – IBOS EcoPower. The machine can be built-in into a standard van.


Our basic solution for high-pressure cleaning of pipes with pipe diameter DN 40 – 250 mm. Powered by a powerful and reliable KOHLER engine, the machine always does the job well. A water tank with a volume of 400 l is sufficient for a smaller cleaning range. Thanks to it´s compact dimensions (120 x 80 cm – pallet dimensions), you can easily build it in any van or on the back of a pick-up truck, the practicality of operation is enhanced by the standard supplied remote controller. MiniJet is delivered in blue colour as standard, but if you want, we can deliver it in a colour according to your request.



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