Cleaning technology

High pressure technology

IBOS manufactures and offers a whole range of high-pressure cleaning machines whose parameters meet every requirement. From the smallest IBOS Minijet with the dimensions of a europallet, through Unijet and Hydrojet, to the most powerful machine in the entire product range – IBOS EcoPower. The machine can be built-in into a standard van.


Hydrojet is the most widely used type of high-pressure equipment. The machine is particularly popular for it´s favorable price-performance ratio. The machine can be easily built into common types of vans. You can choose from several types of drive units and pumps and a wide range of optional items. The machine is intended for pipes cleaning DN 50 – 300 mm and is in standard equipped with water tanks with a volume of 2 x 400 l. We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable configuration for your way of working.

  • DN 50 – 300
  • HP-Pump max. 60
  • HP-drum (hose length and diameter according to chosen option) + filling drum 50m ¾“
  • Water tanks 2 x 400 l
  • Remote controller: option


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