Camera technology

REVI - push-rod cameras

REVI – push-rod cameras

The REVI camera system represents a simple, efficient and reliable solution for monitoring the condition of small DN pipes – typically house distribution systems and connections in the DN 40 – 300 range.

REVI 350

Portable push-rod camera system for pipelines inspection DN 50 – 300 mm. The system can be used with an axial camera head KA46 and/or a rotary camera head KZ60 (it can also be used with the CamBoss 100 crawler system or a satellite superstructure). The reel is fitted with wheels for easy handling. The capacity of the reel is up to 120 m depending on the diameter of the cable (7,5 or 9 mm). In the upper part, the reel can be equipped with a holder for fixing the ReBoss control unit, and on the side there are transport holders for centering the camera head. The REVI 350 camera system is compatible with the ReBoss, CamBoss or CamBoss PC Battery control unit. Weight approx. 17 kg (without push-rod cable and centering).

  • DN 50 – 300
  • Push-rod cable length max. 120m/7,5mm or max. 100m/9mm
  • Camera head: KA46 and/or KZ60


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