Camera technology

Camera built-in

Camera built-in

We offer a professional camera system solution in the form of an installation in the vans of your choice. You can choose from many variants of combinations and furniture built-ins providing all the necessary equipment for working in the field.

Standard solution – the interior of the vehicle is professionally insulated, the floor and part of the walls are painted with a waterproof polyurethane coating, the walls and ceiling are lined with a material of the customer’s choice, usually ALU sheet. The interior space can be divided by a dividing wall into a working and an office part (= easier maintenance and operator comfort). We can install independent hot air heating, electric generator, el. distribution systems 12/24/220 V, battery systems for power supply networks, LED lighting, reversing camera and other equipment according to your choice and requirements.

The built-in camera system can be combined with a built-in high-pressure cleaning machine.


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