Camera technology

CamBoss - crawler system

The CamBoss system offers various combinations of camera crawlers, cable drums, control units and possible accessories. Thanks to it´s variability, each customer can choose a combination that exactly meets his requirements.

CamBoss 150

The top line of the IBOS camera systems – Camboss 150_IV. This camera system is designed for pipeline monitoring DN 150 – DN 1000. The twin-engine camera crawler CamBoss 150_IV offers high performance and a wide range of accessories, such as Quick-Lock, Trimaran, thanks to which it solves any situation quickly and efficiently.

The CamBoss control unit can be supplemented with the controlling of an electric cutting robot.

The CamBoss cable drum is offered with a cable length 200-500m. You can choose a manual version or a fully automatic cable drum fitted with wheels and a retractable handle in case of a mobile system. If the camera is built-into the van, it is possible to equip the cable drum with a lowering arm for a camera crawler. The control box (or built-in control unit) is controlled via a PC, equipped with the necessary programs, including the DigiCAN sewage software. Alternatively, you can choose a control box without a PC suitable for inspection without the need to generate inspection reports.

The necessary components can be easily and quickly replaced (polyurethane wheels, “tractor” wheels, manual arm, manual cable drum). The crawler can be equipped with a sattelite superstructure for connections monitoring.

The system can also be supplied in an ATEX version for explosive environments.

  • DN 150 – 1000
  • Range max. 500 m
  • Camera head KZ95CB
  • Control unit: CamBoss, CamBoss PC Battery or ReBoss CB USB


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