Camera technology

CamBoss - crawler system

CamBoss – crawler system

The CamBoss system offers various combinations of camera crawlers, cable drums, control units and possible accessories. Thanks to it´s variability, each customer can choose a combination that exactly meets his requirements. The basic building blocks of the CamBoss product line are three camera carts – Boss 100, 135 and 150_IV.

Satellite superstructure

The satellite superstructure extends the use of the CamBoss 150_IV camera system. The superstructure is designed for sewer connections inspection from the main line. Part of the satellite superstructure is a view camera, thanks to which the KZ60 rotary camera head can be precisely inserted into the connection.
The KZ60 camera head is mounted on a hybrid cable, which is a combination of a 7.5mm push-rod cable and a flexible Kevlar-reinforced cable.
The entire system is intended for built-into the vehicle. It´s control is possible using a special control panel, which is equipped with two 3-axis joysticks.

The system can be offered as a JetCam build-in, i.e. as a combination of a camera system with a satellite built-in and a high-pressure cleaning machine.


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